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Paint your MDF shapes

by klarita on October 14, 2010

We often get asked for tips on painting the MDF shapes so we hope you find them helpful!  MDF has a smooth finish and is one of the easier substrates to paint to get that lovely finish.  Whilst we prefer a satin finish paint, it is your choice although the spray cans are very easy to use and you can get them from the large major DIY stores.   They can also be used on our plain unpainted wooden boxes, after priming.   Watch out for our other tips which will be added soon.

1) MDF is very porous and must be sealed before painting.

2) MDF Sealer is available ready to apply although a standard PVA glue mixed 2 parts PVA to 1 part water does the same job.

3) Lightly sand after allowing the sealer to dry completely.

4) Apply a second coat of sealer if required.

5) Lighly sand after allowing the second coat of sealer to dry completely.

6) Spray cans suitable for wood can be used to give a smooth finish

7) Apply light coats and gradually build up the colour to avoid drips.

8) Or: Apply acrylic paints with a brush or small roller.

9) Allow to dry completely between coats.

10) This gives a good base finish to apply further decoration.